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I obsess about tcomm gear even in my dreams (Or, "I need a hobby")

I woke up this morning from an incredibly detailed and elaborate dream that revolved exclusively around the 52B outdoor telecommunications cabinet being used by Ameritech SBC AT&T to roll out Project Pronto Project Lightspeed U-verse high-speed data services in my neck of the woods. There's currently a great deal of controversy in my neighboring suburbs that surrounds these boxes.

I wish I was joking in what I just said, but I actually did have a dream that I was involved in some sort of neighborhood action and had to explain how big the cabinet was, why it was so big, what was inside it and how the fans could be made to be even more quiet than they already were so as not to disturb the environment the cabinet is placed in.

When you have detailed dream about work-related stuff like telcom gear instead of something fun like snowmobiling or racing cars or whatnot... it's time to get a hobby and find something to distract the reptile brain with.

down to the wire
Tags: dreams, geek, work

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