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USPS: What the hell?

Some of you out there may remember that around a month and a half ago I wrote a disgruntled entry about how the USPS can blow me. That was because, as best as could be determined at the time, the USPS had managed to lose the original artwork to a commission I had with Blotch. The delivery confirmation said it had been dropped off weeks before somewhere in Peotone, IL -- which is most certainly not where I live.

You'll never believe what I found in my mailbox today -- although the whole fact that this entry is being made sort of gives away the answer. You guessed correctly: the envelope that I had utterly given up hope on somehow arrived today in my mailbox. No note from the postal office is attached, the envelope has never been opened, no explanation is provided for where this envelope has been the last 8 weeks. But you can bet that it has some stories to tell.

I have no answer for this, either...

Everything will be alright
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