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This has got to stop sooner or later (whining about work hours)

I am so very much not a morning person and does it ever show at times like these. My recent string of 0500 starts at the office have got to stop, even if I do get to (usually) go home at 1300 as a "compromise" to being up before the sun has even considered appearing over the horizon. I'm spending the bulk of my day exhausted and absolutely struggling to stay awake from 1700 on. I have been blessed to experience this every day since these shifts started on Tuesday. Unlike some folk I am simply not wired to have an alarm go off at 0400 each morning... unless you mean I'm wired to be driven by instinct to hurl said alarm across the room when it awakens me at that horrid hour.

I should be writing the story about how lady_curmudgeon's wit and appreciation for a certain CNN anchor won me a prize from the local radio station of much awesomeness and also landed me on the the radio station's morning show.

I could write about the drive-by visit I had from my folks last night, the resulting tasty dinner that we all shared, or the new gun safe that has been installed in my house, or how a truck jack helped fix my fence.

Instead of writing about any of the above things I am sorta half-awake on the couch, struggling to write a coherent paragraph here and giving mostly one-word responses to the IMs I'm exchanging with folks. Despite the intense desire, I have to make certain that I do not fall over and take a nap. The problem with taking a nap in this situation is (and I know this from experience) that if I do so I won't be sleeping through the whole night, meaning I'll be even more worn out. So, for the next three hours I shall try to remain upright. Once we hit 2200 I get to fall into my bed... and I'll love every blissful minute of it.

Unless my work cellphone rings.
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