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Wisdom of the razor

Those who watch The Venture Bros. are probably familiar with the episode "Victor. Echo. November." where Hank quips at Dr. Venture, "I thought God shaved your head." Dr. Venture replies, "He does, but he leaves the sides, Mister Weisenheimer." Well, I may not ever build a walking eye but God also shaves my head... and he does indeed leave the sides.

The downside of shaving one's head is that you run a risk of nicking yourself with the razor blade. This risk is no different than what most men encounter when they're shaving, say, their face.

The difference is that scalp nicks bleed a lot more. Or I can't get my blood to coagulate up there. Something is different, anyway, and I'm getting tired of holding this wad of tissue paper to the side of my head. Maybe, going forward, I'll just start sticking my head in a bucket of Nair.

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