Feren (feren) wrote,

Noticing a trend, here.

linnaeus was pulled away from enveri's birthday dinner last night at the Meat Faucet by $EMPLOYER, who requested he return to the office to deal with a problem that wouldn't be a problem at all if we had a proper development/QA cycle instead of "Throw it into production and see if it works." This is injury. The insult is that this occurred shortly before his dessert was to arrive.

I was pulled away from sleep at 0304 by a phone call on the $EMPLOYER-provided cell phone from a panicky "engineer" on the Windows side of the shop who was asserting a pair of firewall policy changes didn't get made or installed and OMG the world is ending. I spent the next 30 minutes checking firewall policies and doing testing only to find (as best I can determine given the lack of an active packet sniffer) that the firewall changes did get installed and Panicky Windows Person never actually turned on the HTTP listener for his servers.

Now it's 30 minutes after I got off the phone (an hour and change since I was woken up) and I can't get back to sleep. I find this very aggravating because, well, my sleep pattern is a pathetic and fragile thing that is easily destroyed. But that's orthogonal to the point I'm driving at. I cannot help but notice the trend of the last 12 hours -- $EMPLOYER pulling my coworker and friend away from his enjoyable activity (interrupting/ending his dinner with friends) and $EMPLOYER doing same to me (interrupting/ending my sleep).

In ra_kitty's words, Mreh.

[Edit 0451: Panicky Windows Guy called back. Turns out they gave me an incorrect range of IP addresses, so the one machine they really need to connect to on port 80 isn't actually included in the firewall rule. Hooray.]
Tags: gruntle, work

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