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Can somebody please have an intervention with Boston?

I think it's overdue at this point because they're still blowing random shit up and claiming that whatever they detonated was a "suspicious item." Who can fault their logic... if it's something somebody doesn't recognize than it must be a bomb! Right? I can't wait until they have some country bumpkin up there pointing at everything he's never seen before and really stirring up the hornet's nest.

I dunno about Boston, but in my neck of woods we have a name for people who go around blowing things up without provocation or reason: terrorists. Nice going, Boston's Finest. You're a shiny badge away from being lumped in with Osama's band of merry men.

Joe at techdirt raised an interesting point when he wrote his own post about Boston's new-found habit of using explosives to "safely dispose" of anything they deem a "possible threat." Joe said, If this really was just for monitoring traffic, will transportation officials face fines ... for placing a hoax device in public? I, for one, would like to see that happen. It's called "equal treatment" and it might just help put the reaction over the apparently seminal "safe detonation" incident into perspective.

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