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Birthday/weather report

Happy birthday to the incredible, often inscrutable (and possibly insane but always fantastical) chebutykin!

In news related to last night's storm: About 1/16th of an inch of ice encapsulated most everything before the snow started, then the snow turned into rain. It was worse up North where the birthday party was... once we got back down to my neck of the woods (about 14 miles South) it was 38+ degrees and slushy. What we're left with is like a stale powdered donut -- the white is deceiving, but it's pretty crunchy and not particularly fun but isn't causing any real harm either.

The party itself, however, was awesome. It was a small crowd... myself, lady_curmudgeon, the host and his wife, markvd (aka "the birthday boy"), asetwoman and one of the birthday boy's old coworkers from Addison. In no particular order our activities included: eating fatty foods, watching a DVD about puppets that swear, petting the lampshade cat, eating more fatty foods, mixing drinks and trading stories about old and inept managers. Once everyone was good and liquored up I introduced everyone to Apples to Apples. A-t-A has become my defacto and ultimately favorite game to play at any party where alcohol is involved.

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