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Sleep is not for me. Nor is the PS3.

Last night lady_curmudgeon and I went to the store to get some supplies so we could bake up a batch of the 'mudgeon's delicious chocolate chip cookie bars. While I was in the pharmacy getting a new bottle of Naproxen for my poor, poor wrists (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a bitch, my friends) I also acted on the advice of a friend and picked up some Valerian capsules to try. I was hoping that I might get a better night's sleep thanks to one of these little pills and last night was the first night I got a chance to try something that apparently works quite well for most people out there in the world.

They didn't help me at all. Like most of my nights this one was full of the standard routine: Toss. Turn. Awaken, get up, pace, go back to bed. Repeat.

I'm mildly disappointed but not entirely surprised -- I've been dealing with an entirely broken sleep pattern for the last few years and my past experiences with over-the-counter medication have all turned in results that were far from satisfactory. However, one night does not by any means represent a perfect trial so I'm going to keep taking the pills as directed (1 capsule, 30 minutes before bed, with a glass of water) for the next week. Hopefully something will change and I'll get a decent, uninterrupted night's sleep. I don't really believe that I am going to achieve anything remotely close to that goal, but hey... what have I got to lose beside the $11 I paid for the bottle of capsules?

In other news, I found something that yakko and ottr will probably enjoy -- if they can deal with the horribly cliche music. Via our friends at BoingBoing we are given a link to an anti-Sony song from folks who have been betrayed by their PS3. Further evidence that the only real console battle here is between the Wii and the Xbox 360. I didn't plan to give them any more of my money anyway (not after they diligently tried to root-kit my PC because I made the mistake of wanting to play one of their audio CDs) but it's interesting to see how the reasons to ignore their new console continue to pile up and a greater backlash builds in response.

In news unrelated to sleep and consoles: the 'mudgeon and I will, later this evening, be complete fools and brave the elements of the storm to attend a birthday party for markvd. Several coworkers of mine should be there and we will undoubtedly drink and commiserate and harass the birthday boy well into the evening hours.

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