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Do you like your Sirius or XM radio? Do you like streaming MP3s? You may not have 'em much longer.

It turns out that little ray of sunshine from California, Sen. Feinstein, is trying to ban MP3 streaming and fuck up your satellite radio (XM, Sirius) and MP3 streaming experience. I'm so glad to see that we're back to this again when we have bigger issues to tackle. But hey, she's sold her soul so now she has to deliver, right?


Go to the EFF page and tell your respective Senate-critter that we don't need laws shackling our use of music. Hey, look at it this way... if the PERFORM Act passes today we can expect our TiVo, VCR and cable/satellite DVR systems to be banned by similar laws tomorrow. Won't that be fun?

You'd think these assclowns would have gotten the message after Betamax was handed down in 1984, but they're tenacious little fuckers and show no signs of stopping.

[via jwz's entry to the DNA Lounge weblog]
I put my money down
Tags: gruntle, more_worthless_laws, tech

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