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I need to adjust the humidity in my house, it seems?

I had just finished making the bed and was getting ready to settle in under a mound of sheets, blankets and comforters to hibernate for the evening and in so doing also hide from the bitter, nasty cold that has taken control of my particular portion of the Midwest (it's 18F, -9C right now... before windchill). While I was making the bed Ra was indulging in a kitten-like bout of playfullness that had him tearing ass around the room, running in and out of the doorway and generally being a black ball of nuisance and noise. When I finished settling the comforter he ducked under the bed, apparently deciding that 2349 hours is a good time to play a game of "Come and find me, Dad!" Since I like seeing him acting this way after all he's been through I opted to indulge him. I went to the foot of the bed where I'd seen him disappear and, when I settled down onto hands and knees, I played my fingers along the dust-ruffle. I figured that he'd be unable to resist this variation of the "catch the mouse under the bedsheet" game and I was not mistaken. Ra came zooming out from the far side of the bed to surprise his prey. Once he'd had enough of pouncing and biting at the dustruffle he came trotting up to me and, meaning to brush his cheek against mine (or thunk his head into my chin, which is another of his favorite ways to display affection) he got a little too close. That's when both he and I got a harsh reminder that the humidity in the house has been a bit low recently -- the moment his muzzle came into proximity of the end of my nose I saw a blue-white spark jump over and heard the CRACK as an excellent bolt of static electricity bridged the gap. I got shocked on my nose and, naturally, so did Ra.

The expression of absolute dismay and betrayal on his face in the moments immediately following were both extremely cute and decidedly hilarious.

I am a bad cat daddy for laughing, aren't I?

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