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2006 and 2007, my New Year's Edition.

So a lot of folks have been posting retrospectives on 2006, memes and the like about how they'd like 2007 to unfold for them. Don't worry, I'm not doing that and I'm not going to rant or complain about those who have. I didn't feel compelled to get in "one last post" before 2006 came to a close, despite having a great deal to write about from how the second half of Christmas went to the current events in my personal and professional lives. I'm just going to make a quick statement: I have a loving girlfriend. I have a cat (my little four-legged pseudo-child) who is doing much better from where he was two years ago. I have several close friends who are very important to me (read: loved like family) whom I treasure and adore. I have regrets. I have a house. I have a job that's paying the bills and then some (For example, Christmas brought me a $1,233 in "profit sharing" contribution to my 401k in lieu of a bonus).

2006 was good and bad. If pressed to judge, I would say that it was generally a dark chapter in my life. However, that doesn't mean there weren't things in the year that weren't good. For example, lady_curmudgeon and I became a couple, breaking the history of something like four years of my being "single," though that definition might vary from one to another. I was the best man at two weddings (roho & enveri with twanfox & cabbitattack before them) where I saw old friends and met new ones. Things like that.

I wish I had a "tired" icon for posts like this.

2007 has had one small upswing already: I've talked to arphalia more in the last 28 hours than I have in ... something like six months. It's odd how certain parts of my history come back to me -- not that this is to my regret by any means! It does, however, make me think about the past and paths that were left untaken. I never know exactly how to feel about that. One might say it is bittersweet in nature.

In summary I guess I really have only this to say: The year of our lord 2007 will be vastly improved over 2006 just as long as I don't have two immediate family members suddenly drop dead for unrelated reasons thousands of miles apart within a one week span. Ultimately I would like no family members at all to die this year, thank you (especially not with one dying on the day of the funeral for the other).

It gets me through
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