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Z'ha'dum's first Christmas with family

Before I write anything else I have to say that I'm amazed at the way this morning is starting. As I begin to scribble down these thoughts it is 0840 in the morning and nobody but myself is yet stirring in the house. This is something of a reversal of the usual way things play out when I have guests....

My parents arrived at about 1740 on Friday night and lady_curmudgeon was delivered by ya_wot_aver and Lady Chaos at around 1710 last night. It shall be noted that I owe the both of them a huge debt of thanks (and whatever else they choose to ame of actual monetary value) for being so kind as to play taxi service so that my lady could join my family for the Christmas holiday.

Friday night was relatively uneventful... after my parents arrived we unpacked the luggage and a few other items from my father's shiny new truck, ordered out some great Chinese food from Bok Choy Cafe and in general did some catching up as a family. It may have only been six months since I last saw them but time has a funny way of speeding up when we're apart. After dinner we watched some TiVo (Extreme Engineering, where they focused on a giant ore shovel constructed in Hibbing, MN) and then went to bed.

Saturday was the day of the Great Unloading. Before Curmudgeon arrived my incredibly large new bookshelves were taken out of the trailer and installed into the livingroom, as was the new sleeper couch that was left to me from my grandfather's estate. Books were moved from their stacks on the ground (where they've been pretty much since I moved in -- I remarked to fiskblack on Friday during idle online chatter that it looked like a library had thrown up in there) to their new homes on the shelves. I was amazed to see that I do, in fact, have carpeted floor space in that room! Of course some of that was quickly lost when the new couch was installed and some rearrangements were made of where I have end tables and such. The result is that I've again "lost" some floor space but now I have a much more warm and welcoming conversation space in the living room, up by the bay window. This grand new arrangement of furniture comes at a cost... my old television and entertainment center look completely out of place, as does my china hutch. Since the TV is anchored to that area of the living room by the cable from the wall that leads to the satellite dish I'm left wondering what to do about this situation. But I'll figure something out.

When Curmudgeon was delivered at my front door my father and I were elbow-deep in an impromptu project -- fixing the toilet in the guest bathroom. Just days earlier I'd made the unpleasant discovery that the toilet was leaking water from the tank -- but only when you flushed. Otherwise everything was fine and it functioned perfectly. Before my parents arrived I'd had only enough time to determine that the leak was in fact NOT coming from the wax ring in the floor, because the water was actually dripping from the tank onto the tiling. That's as far as I'd gotten but now that I had some spare time and an extra set of eyes we were able to investigate further and we found that the tank-to-bowl gasket was indeed to blame. So Curmudgeon and I whisked over to Lowe's, bought a universal-fit "toilet repair kit" that included a tank-to-bowl seal and new tank-to-bowl bolts & gaskets and dropped the whole shebang in. After tightening everything down again we took it for a test flush and were pleased to find that, should you need to take a leak in my guest bathroom, the toilet itself will not leak when you're done and flushing.

There was a brief interlude for my father and I to get scrubbed up, and then dinner was had at Cheddar's Restaurant to celebrate Dad's birthday. As always the food was delicious and none of us went away feeling even the slightest bit hungry. On our return there was idle chatting and unpacking of Christmas accessories for the house (and the cat... and ra_kitty is not in the least happy about that) and then some television (Monster House: Firehouse Kitchen Makeover, something I thought my dad would like). Again we were pretty wiped out and went to bed shortly after 2300.

Today we have no significant plans and I'm hoping it will be of the lazy and mostly-sunny variety. I imagine that part of the day will be spent just hanging out and letting Curmudgeon and my parents get to know one another some more. I do know that for Curmudgeon and I, the other part of if will be used to wrap the multitude of gifts we have to give that are not, at this time, actually wrapped.

With that I think I will close up the MacBook, grab myself a cup of coffee and prepare to get this day going.
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