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This is fun, and I blame yotogi

He showed me this addictive vector-based Pong-variant and now I can't stop playing the damn game. After showing it to twanfox tonight I discussed it a bit with him and had something of an insight about the game during the chatter. It's so deceptively simple for the first six levels that you find yourself mocking the opponent, I said. You're all "HAHAH stupid AI!" and then suddenly the fucker has skills.

Go ahead and try it for yourself if you don't believe me. My first round had me dead on Level 6 with a score of 17,845.

As the night moves on I continue to go back to challenge my AI pong-playing overlord. I also continue to drink Tanqueray gin (or Tanglefoot as my Texan uncle calls it). As each task progresses I'm sure my coordination will stumble from "coordinated" into the "hilarious to watch" territory while playing.

I understand if you can't talk to me again
Tags: gaming, geek, weekend

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