Feren (feren) wrote,

And we were tied for second place, dammit!

About an hour ago I got a phone call from my good friend Heather, who happens happened to also be the president of the Sunday bowling league lady_curmudgeon and I belong to. H and her husband both quit the league tonight, as did the two other members of their team. When I inquired what would prompt such action I was told it was all thanks to the house's unwavering assertion that the jerks on the league now following us (dubbed the "Sunday Night Strikers") are more important that we are. It's an interesting position to take, really. Our league has three times the number of teams, drinks three times the alcohol (we keep that bar swimming in cash all night long) and generally treat the staff better. Despite the fact that the other league is the group that broke contract and changed the night its bowling on for no good reason... despite the fact we're on contract and have done nothing wrong... despite the other factors I've already mentioned, my league is being told to either suck it up or start an hour earlier to avoid having the Strikers chomping at our heels and harassing us in the later part of the evening.

I've been with this league for three years. I've dealt with the Strikers and I know from experience exactly why we set our bowling dates specifically to avoid them, bowling every other week when they're not there. Yet strangely enough, sometime each year, the Strikers find some excuse to break their contract and end up on the same Sunday night as us. Every year the owner of the alley tells us to suck it up and bullies us when we try to push back. Well, not this year. When the edict came from the owner, Heather had enough and quit. Her husband had pretty much had his fill already and quit at the same time. The other members of their team didn't really like the direction this was going and so they tendered their resignations as well. BAM, one team down. I decided I had zero desire to keep bowling in the face of such rampant stupidity, so I quit for lady_curmudgeon and myself. I called the remaining members of my team and they quit as well, so my team is out for the count. BAM, now team #1 and team #2, two of the "founding teams," have decided that enough is enough and we're outta there. So of the 18 teams that comprise the Brew Crew, two have folded in the last hour and a half. All signs indicate that another team is quitting in protest as well but we haven't heard a formal answer from their captain yet. There were about nine other individuals in tonight's meeting who also got completely bent at the news. I think the league will be spared from complete implosion but it's going to be hurting when this exodus is said and done.

What a pisser, man. After last week's sweep we were tired for second place.

Ratt shit is better than cat shit.
Tags: bowling, weekend

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