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Voice Post:

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“Well it's about a quarter to 8 pacific, er, not pacific, eastern time and we have successfully married, uh, Lydia and Brenden *laugh* (cheers and laughter in the background) That'd be Genet and Roho respectively and we have, uh, some of the, uh, wedding party back here cackling madly with me. (wahoo in the background) The day was absolutely lovely, we got through the ceremony, we got, uh, part way in to the dinner and then the big storms rolled in, and that brought the awesome as well, and, while we are all happy to be dry at this point we're just kinda waiting out the last little vestiges of the storm and then we'll head back to the rental and party it up some more! unintelligible (wahoo in the background) *laughter* but the party is still going nicely in the house. So, we uh just wanted to let everybody know, the wedding went off, absolutely without a hitch, aah Brenden did NOT marry his cousin, which is a Dunn family tradition apparently, aaand uh, all is well. Take care. *click*”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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