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Art, Status report and Dear Lazyweb solicitation of iPod opinions on earbuds

I have two new user pictures, commissioned from screwbald (Warning: Posts in Screwbald LJ are generally rated NSFW and the journal should be viewed at your own risk). Behold!


Also, I have some items of note that are vaguely organized in some sort of order...
  • Work sux at $EMPLOYER, and that's all I've got to say about that right now.
  • On August 23rd I drove to Milwaukee to see a kick-ass concert courtesy of a surprise birthday gift from captain18 and spoothbrush -- more on that in a later entry. There was Too Much Awesome For This LJ Post, and suchforth, so I'm writing a detailed entry.
  • I'm going to see lady_curmudgeon for the extended weekend.
  • I fly to Maine next week for my part in roho and enveri's wedding. I miss flying for business, so this helps make up for the cutback in my work-related travels.
  • I still am sad that a little girl died, but I think all this coverage about Jon Benet Ramsey is ridiculous.
  • I still love my MacBook and I'm currently in a truce with my iPod that may lead to further purchases of music. There will be a poll on this tomorrow.
  • There's about 2.3 months until Midwest FurFest.
  • Remember how my Expedition had that Check Engine Light (known as a "Malfunction Indicator Lamp" or "MIL") for the last two years? Remember how Roho and I spent $200+ dollars and scalded our arms and hands on red-hot exhaust pipes to change out O2 sensors that I thought were the root cause, but weren't? Remember those P0171 and P0174 OBD-II codes that wouldn't die and how I was at my wit's end? Well, guess what! Last Saturday I fixed the problem with a $4.95 can of electronics cleaner! FUCKING. CARS. I failed emission testing once and spent three hours chasing down parts and over $200 for this?
  • I still like my gin, very much.
  • I have apparently blown out the left ear bud of the ear buds that are provided with my iPod. Yes, I set the volume cap but I still seem to have blown the damn thing out anyway - I hear a most disconcerting buzz/rattle when certain frequencies are hit by my music, but only on that side. When I swap the 'bud from left to right the buzz/distortion/rattle follows. So! Dear LazyWeb: Does anybody with an iPod have a suggestion for replacement ear buds that are compatible with a G5 (Video) iPod but without the shitty "Blowing out at the slightest provocation" feature?
  • I have to go to court about the missing piece of siding on my house. That's right, my village is actually taking me to court over a ten foot length of fascia. Of course I'll plead guilty (I can't deny the fascia is missing) and pay the fine, but for fuck's sake, don't they have better things to do?
I'll post a bit more tomorrow, work permitting.

But today there is no black or white
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