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Go me. - Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
Go me.
I have arrived home from Minnesota. Well, really, I got home at the beginning of this week -- I put my arrival time at around 2130 hours on Sunday the 9th -- but I didn't post about it because I was too tired from the drive and I still had to unload and then make phone calls and then get ready to return to work the following morning. It was good to see my family but I feel as if I wasn't there nearly long enough. I know that I helped ease my mother's burden by doing work around the farm but I feel like I didn't do nearly enough. I wanted to catch up with chebutykin and at the very least give her some long-overdue Christmas gifts, but my time just couldn't be made free enough.

I haven't really had time for LiveJournal reading, let alone writing in it. Please don't take offense in my lack of reading/writing in LJ, but it hasn't really been a priority these last few months. With the events of June that rocked my family, well, LiveJournal has slipped even further down my list of things that need my attention. This is where I assure my friends and associates in LJ-land, It's Not You, It's Me. But trust me, I miss y'all a great deal and I miss writing here. I'll work on getting back into the groove of things and boring everyone with details about my life as soon as I can.

In the interim, I want to make sure that people check in with enveri and send her all their good thoughts. I lost my grandfather this June 30th, and even at 90 years old I lost him too soon. Genet's grandmother has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, and as I lost my aunt to liver cancer on June 24th and am myself a cancer survivor this is an incredible blow to me. I cannot begin to imagine how one of my closest friends feels when she is confronted with this. I'm here if you need me, Genet.

In lighter news, as I close this entry out and prepare to retreat to the darkness so I can watch my new Doctor Who Series 1 (2005) DVD set with lady_curmudgeon in the bliss that is my air conditioned home's den, I want everyone to consider this: The Expy failed its emissions test this morning but I was still able to buy my 2007 tab for the plates, regardless. Am I somehow wrong for thinking those facts are completely at odds with one another?

Maybe it was Southern summer nights

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shelbystripes From: shelbystripes Date: July 15th, 2006 04:01 pm (UTC) (Link)
Man, don't worry about us. You take care of you. LJ-land will be here still when you're ready for it.
ronbar From: ronbar Date: July 18th, 2006 04:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have a question about emissions tests in Illinois.

We live in southwestern Illinois, in St. Clair county about a half-hour outside St. Louis. Emissions inspections are required in this county, but when we first moved here last May they inspected the cars until they were licensed in Illinois.

So eventually the Virginia tags expired and I got the cars registered, licensed, and titled in Illinois. Unlike the counties in Virginia that require emissions testing, they didn't require successful emissions tests before they issued the plates and everything else.

Do I still have to get their emissions inspected? Why would I if they can be licensed uninspected? What's the penalty if I don't? http://www.epa.state.il.us/air/vim/ and the other links that come up in a google search for "illinois emissions" don't mention anything about penalties, and the Illinois DMV obviously doesn't care if the cars' emissions are good.
ronbar From: ronbar Date: July 18th, 2006 04:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Er... what I meant to say is that when we first moved here, they would NOT inspect our cars until they were licensed in Illinois.
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