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I'm home for 20 hours.

I got back home at 11:40 tonight after a relatively uneventful flight out of HOU to MDW, with a layover in STL. I will be here at Z'ha'dum tomorrow just long enough to get ahold of work and explain why I won't be in, do a load of laundry, mow the lawn and try to beg the state of Illinois for an extension on my overdue-for-emissions-testing-and-thus-is-currently-running-on-expired-tags Expedition. I've resigned myself to the outrageous fine from the village due to the still-unrepaired condition of my siding.

For Bonus Fun Points I was having problems with the DSL line before I left. Upon my return the situation has gotten no better and troubleshooting this evening suggests that this goddamn POS BroadXent DSL modem has once again shit itself, so I'll have to deal with that as well when I get back. Insult to injury is fun, really. Can I please have a DSL modem that doesn't fuck up and eat its own head every six months? Please?

Shit, I need to refill Ra's prescription for Prednisolone or he's going to run out while I'm away. That makes item number 12 on today's glitch list.
Tags: death, family, need_more_gin

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