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New toys on the horizon...

Thanks to tugrik and a host of other people I know (I'm looking at you, Zephyr... as well as you, mindslide) I have finally cracked under pressure like the little technophile I am. Tonight I ordered two beautiful things that are encased in black:

: 60 GB iPod in black :: 2.0Ghz Intel Duo 13 inch Apple MacBook in black :

Yep, I've officially joined the Cult of Apple. Or, perhaps it's more accurate to say I'm returning to my roots... after all, I did get started in the world of computers "back in the day" with an Apple ][e. Either way, I'm glad to be working for $employer at the moment because I got an excellent educational discount on both the iPod and the MacBook. That's a 60GB iPod in black that I ordered, along with the new 13.3" widescreen MacBook with the 2.0GHz Intel Duo chip, also encased in ebony. I'm looking forward to doing some lightweight video editing with the MB and toting my MP3s with me in the truck instead of having to burn albums to CD for the truck's CD changer.

So now I get to wait impatiently for each box to show up. Looks like the iPod will be here first, with the MacBook following shortly after. At least I had them shipped to the office so they wouldn't sit around on my front porch for any monkey to find and steal...

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