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Weekend accomplishments... - Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
Weekend accomplishments...
This mainly applies to Sunday...

  • Got twanfox married to cabbitattack.

  • I didn't pass out from heat exhaustion during the day's events -- despite all the equipment I was humping (my pet term for being a pack mule).

  • Was shown the right way to coil up an A/V cord. I'm going to have to practice that skill.

  • I got to see lady_curmudgeon all dressed up and looking lovely.

  • I didn't get sunburned!

  • Only have sore shoulders today from the equipment-humping.</i>
  • (I am told) I looked kick-ass in my costume for the wedding.

  • I used half of a tank of gasoline (that's almost 15 gallons, folks!) in the Expedition by letting it idle all day with the air conditioner on in the parking lot of the wedding site. It made a good refuge for lady_curmudgeon because the heat took a heavy toll on her. Hooray for being perspiration-inhibited? The back of the Expy also served as a secure, refrigerated holding location for the wedding cake.

  • I returned the genset to the depot and gave it a goodbye pat. I think justincheetah and the rest of the A/V folks from the wedding are wishing we could have just kept it for ourselves.

  • Watched The Chronicles of Narnia. That is one pretty movie.

  • I've managed to avoid anything work-related this weekend (for the most part...).

  • Turned on the house's air conditioning for the first time this season.

And now I'm off to watch more movies! Which ones? Dunno yet.... I'll have to see what my lady is in the mood for.

Why you wanna give me a run-around

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Current Music: Yoko Kanno/Seatbelts feat. Steve Conte - Call me call me (Live @ Shibuya AX)

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justincheetah From: justincheetah Date: May 29th, 2006 07:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
le'sigh :/

I wanted to take it home with me. The neighbors would be pissed, though. At least until the next blackout.
jeshala From: jeshala Date: May 30th, 2006 02:51 am (UTC) (Link)
It's too bad you two missed X3. Well, mostly for the company factor.

At least all the strain seemed to sort itself out in the end for zee happy couple.
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