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And now for something completely different...

One, I hate mornings with a passion only rivaled by my hatred of ignorance. It doesn't matter how much sugar and caffeine I ingest, if I get up before my magic hour (10:30am) I am left feeling lightheaded and prone to fits of yawning, as well as unable to consume anything without my stomach attempting to jump through my larnyx. The earlier I get up, the worse these conditions get. Today I got up at roughly 5:50 in the morning so that I might come in to work early and get some things done before the madness began. I am feeling that early hour quite keenly now, as I'm yawning, my ear is ringing, and I feel particularly lightheaded. My father often referred to this condition as being "punch-drunk," and I find that to be fairly apt.

Additionally, I have a question for the masses: Why do I insist on punishing myself? I know that my digestive system cannot handle grease, fat or any of those various things in large quantities. McDonald's fries nearly kill me. Krispy-Kreme donuts are also on the "do not partake" list, yet I cannot seem to resist them. A coworker brought in donuts about 40 minutes ago, and I ate a small one (chocolate with chocolate glaze). Now I am in incredible amounts of discomfort, and I'll leave it at that before I get into TMI land.

Let's run the numbers here: Flash-fried ring of dough + sugary glazing on fried dough + the fact I cannot eat ANYTHING in the morning without being sick = one very ill-feeling person right now. Good lord I must be a glutton for punishment to do this to myself.

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