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Anybody can work at Best Buy

This morning lady_curmudgeon sent me an email that contained this hilarious link. It's the report of about 80 people who decided to show up at a large Best Buy store and impersonate the salesdroids on the floor. To say they impersonated the employees is probably putting it too strongly... the individuals in question simply showed up at the store wearing khaki pants and blue shirts similar in color and design to the "Best Buy" logo-bearing polo shirts issued to real employees. Then they stood around the store and interacted with people who approached them. They never claimed to be employees and in some cases clearly stated that they weren't, but it didn't stop the average dummy consumer from taking their advice anyway. The link I provided above takes you to the story and a narrative of the experience by several of the participants, complete with pictures and video of the results.

Things take an interesting twist when local law enforcement officers are called in by Best Buy managers who are clearly caught in a blind panic.

I find this all to be completely hilarious. When you factor in that I used to work for that horrible company (six months there as a full-time victim employee... I'll never see that part of my soul again) you may understand why this is so funny to me. Speaking as a former employee of the Big Yellow Tag, let me tell you for a fact that the reaction of security and management is not being exaggerated in the report. What is written down (and shown alongside the story in the accompanying movies and photographs) is spot-on, completely unembellished behavior that I witnessed hundreds of times during my duration of punishment tenure with them.

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