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Box office results...

I dunno where this came from, but it was passed on to me during a conversation with neowolf2:
'At the box office this weekend, Ice Age 2 clobbered Basic Instinct 2 by hauling in $70 million dollars, compared with less than $3 million for the Sharon Stone movie. One film is about a prehistoric creature's struggle to survive and find love, the other is the animated sequel to the movie Ice Age.'
I think that sums it up with as much snark as one could ask for. I immensely enjoyed seeing "Ice Age 2," even though it was not quite as strong as the original. Heather agrees with me, as she had seen the original in theaters (I had not). The real acid test was Heather's husband Garry, who has little interest in "films for kids" and never saw the original. Given that the cranky old man was laughing along with the three of us by ten minutes into the film... well, I rest my case for how much fun this flick is for young and old alike.

In other news I've finally dug into The Hunt for Red October, which I picked up as a trade paperback during the same run to the Salvation Army store that netted me the Awesome Lava Lamp of Gloopy Love. I've seen the movie and I enjoyed it, but I always felt there were points that had been glossed over in its adaption to the screen. Getting a chance to do a bit of recreational reading is enjoyable on its own, but when I get to do that recreational reading with an interesting story that served as the basis for a film I like it's an added pleasure.

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