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A most relaxing, pleasant weekend...

Long story short:

  • lady_curmudgeon arrived Friday night. She had quite the drive and adventure getting down to the house, ending up somewhere in Downtown Chicago before I was able to correct her course. We had dinner at Cheddar's, then retired back to Z'ha'dum for the evening.
  • Friday night was bad for my GI tract, so on Saturday morning I slept late because I didn't feel well -- I had been up six or seven times during the night. Sometime in the afternoon I was able to get up and sort of fake being a functional human being. While I was up I dug around online and turned up some information to finish my taxes with (I had stock in a company that failed miserably and took me for a $600 loss, so I had to write it off). In the late afternoon I was feeling better, so I played some more with my new phone -- I downloaded pictures from the camera and posted them to the entry previous to this. I also customized the background image on the main screen and updated the general ring tones as well as the ones for certain folks. Apparently I warrant my own ringtones, too. Yes, I know most phones have these features now and that it's nothing all that remarkable, but you must remember I've had a v60 from Motorola for the last two years -- all these features are strange to me, Outlander. I wallow in their awesomeness and the speed of my new toy. Now I am pondering the nXZEN Plus versus the Plantronics Discovery for my first BlueTooth headset.
  • For those of you with Sprint phones, take a good long look at http://www.dbringers.info/ for customization of your screens and ringtones. SO MUCH AWESOME can be had here!
  • Saturday afternoon found us at PetSmart to do some shopping because ra_kitty was low on food. We procured some chow and toys for him, then got some subs for ourselves. We retired back to Z'ha'dum and watched "Kill Bill (Vol 1)" until around 2030 that night. You see, late on Saturday evening both Curmudgeon and myself joined my friends Heather and Garry for a trip to a local theater to catch the new flick Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. Going to see an animated "kids" flick at 2200 hours is a great way to avoid most of the kids and have a majority of the theater to yourself. We all thoroughly enjoyed the movie and were probably the single most disruptive group in the entire theater -- the film kept us laughing and giggling the whole way through. I'm going to buy it on DVD for sure.
  • Today was spent being lazy, with a trip to Meijer (Curmudgeon had never been to one) and Red Robin for lunch (ditto). Afterward I performed a bit of routine maintenance on her car and let the folks at Lube Pros handle an oil change. Then we finished up the movie, watched a bit of random TV, surfed the Internet and enjoyed some quite time before the current storm front moved into my area. I did get a call at around 2200 tonight that Curmudgeon had arrived home safely, so I'm glad for that.

Tomorrow I'm back to the grind at the office. The funniest thing is that with Daylight Savings kicking in my body thinks it's 2238 hours even though my clock says it's 2348. What a strange cognitive dissonance this creates.
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