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This is a veritable week of new toys! - Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
This is a veritable week of new toys!
My Verizon contract ended ten days ago, much to my surprise -- I thought it was supposed to end today. With the contractual obligation being lifted it was time for me to make my move to a new carrier and a whole new phone. So, once again, during lunch today I dragged my coworkers out for shopping! Luckily the Sprint store is not far from the office, so we were there in no time. I walked in, was greated by a pleasant young man who asked how he might help me today. I think I surprised him with just how readily I trotted out my answer that "he could help me by setting up a Sammy A900 for me, porting my old number over to the new phone and adding a belt clip to the deal." Before long I was walking out the door with a shiny new phone on my belt. You read that right: I have traded in my old, tired Motorol v60 for a sleek new Samsung A900 (AKA "Blade") from Sprint. I've only had it for about two hours and already I love this phone infinitely more than I did my old Moto, which is kinda disheartening because I used to be a big Motorola fanatic. But in this case Motorola dropped the ball... while the RAZR got the form factor right, the features and the UI were horrible. You could say that Samsung's Blade is a clone, and for all intents and purposes you'd be right... but everything Motorola did wrong Samsung got right.

My new phone even let me take a picture of my lava lamp. I'll post it sometime this weekend if I find the time.

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From: tetragon Date: April 1st, 2006 08:10 am (UTC) (Link)
I am also an ex-Moto user that upgraded to a Samsung. I went to a Motorola as an ex-Ericsson user that didnt like the Sony-Ericsson crap. I dislike most Nokias (their UI treats you like an idiot) but was finding Motorola kept making the same stupid mistakes. So I recently upgraded from a Moto V600 to a Samsung SGH-i300, and so far it has been great.

I dont particularly like Windows Mobile, as a PDA interface it sucks balls and Microsoft cant code for shit. But Samsung have taken it and added their own apps and fixes (Eg: putting an exit option that closes the app in each app menu) and as a phone, its been good so far. Not perfect, but solid enough.
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