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Chicken kabobs, PVC and latex.

I spent most of yesterday in a "not feeling good" kind of haze, where I had general congestion, lethargy and a sensation that my head was about two feet above my shoulders. I woke up late in the morning and didn't actually pull myself out of bed until sometime after 10 o'clock. An hour or two later I wasn't feeling as if there had been any improvement but at that point it was past my usual time for lunch. Given how late I've been working and the generally manic pace at the office I can't say I was entirely surprised by this turn of events -- my body has been known to rebel against punishment of that nature. Still, it was a bit unpleasant to be feeling this way so I suggested we get some food to see if I could shake it off. It was sometime around half past noon before we all got motivated to eat so roho, enveri and I skipped across the street to Steak-n-Shake. It was a great meal and we had an excellent and attentive waiter who had been there for far too many hours already (he'd started at quarter after six that morning after working until 11pm the previous night). I ended up grabbing one of the "please rate us" cards from the table and filled it with glowing praise for the waiter while Genet made sure the manager knew how much we enjoyed being served by him. then we were ran a few errands since we were already out and about. Once back at the house I begged the indulgence of my guests and retreated to the bedroom to catch a nap and see if I could shake this miserable condition. I wasn't under the covers for more than eight minutes before my electronic leash -- err, my work-provided cell-phone -- rang. Given the problems we had on Friday I feared I might be getting dragged back to the office, but after fourteen or fifteen minutes on the call I was finally released and allowed to go back to attempting to get rest.

I got something akin to four hours of broken sleep before heading back into the den and watching the end of "The Last of the Mohicans." After the movie was done the three of us got into the car and made our way towards downtown for the main event of the weekend. Our plan? To join up with duncandahusky, takaza, linnaeus and two of their friends at Ann Sather's for dinner, followed by the 10 o'clock showing of Blue Man Group at the Briar Street Theater. We got caught in some ugly traffic created by a fuel spill on 290 but we made it down to the restaurant on time. I thought it was a pretty good meal (I had chicken kabobs with rice and steamed veggies, followed by a slice of cherry pie with vanilla ice cream) but the reviews on some of the other dishes that were ordered seemed a little underwhelming. Regardless, by 9 PM we were out the door and back into downtown's nightmarish traffic to try and find the parking lot for the Briar Street. Ultimately we failed at that task (thanks to two enormous tour busses blocking the entrance to the lot) so we parked at a bank lot nearby... which, coincidentally, used to be the parking lot for the theater the last time I went... five or six years ago.

The show rocked. Absolutely, positively rocked. As I had already seen it once (long long ago, in the Before Time) and Roho has been there numerous times, we had a baseline from the previous experiences to work from. This gave us a chance to see what new material had been added to the skits and was a lot of fun. What was even more fun, however, was watching the others in our party. They were all first-timers at seeing the show in person (I know Duncan and Takaza have seen the "Complex Tour" on DVD, but that's a completely different experience) so we got more than a few grins and giggles at how they reacted to some of the different aspects of the show.

Today is going to be a generally slow recovery day for all of us, but I have bowling league in the late afternoon. Judging by the "awooos" I'm hearing from the den I would wager that my guests have awoken and let the dog out of the bedroom! I better be off to join them.

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