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How much do I suck?

I overslept last night and missed a Blind Robins show last night that I had been invited to. I feel badly about it, because I was looking forward to it and several of my friends from work were also attending. This just goes to teach me that I don't mix with power-naps. I got home, fed Ra, changed clothes and then took a nap with the intent of leaving for the show afterward. When I woke up it was ten after one in the morning and the show was pretty much over. Maybe this was for the best, though. I got woken up at 7 this morning by our help desk and the tickets really haven't stopped coming down the pipe since.

The good news is that in a few weeks the Robins will be doing a show up in Rockford at Mary's Place. I should be able to make that, and I wager at least one of the coworkers who were at last night's show will be at Mary's for this one as well.

They've invented the telephone?!
Tags: loser, social_life, work

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