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Good: A link I suggested has been posted to Boing Boing. If you're like me and frequently find yourself on the verge of a psychotic break while trying to fold fitted sheets for storage in the linen closet, I suggest you give it a look. I'm making civilized life better for all of us. Go me.

Bad: My white cotton socks get dirty. This is a normal thing that occurs during day-to-day sock operation (note: if you wear white socks all day long and they do not get dirty, I can only surmise you're an alien with technology far in advance of our own and I desperately want to join your society on Buugan-Selta-Three as an emissary of my people). What's abnormal -- and bad -- is that they never come clean no matter how many times I wash them. I'm not completely compulsive about having my whites their whitest, but it still irks me when the bottom of my socks are grey-brown even after being laundered. When I take a pair out of the drawer and find that funky ground-in dirt I feel like I'm scavenging socks from the bedroom floor rather than putting on a clean pair like all the rest of us upright-walking apes. These socks... they vex me with their dirtiness. I've washed them with regular detergent. I've washed them with bleach. I've washed them with detergent and bleach. I've watched them with detergent and bleach and OxiClean but still they do not come out remotely whiter on the bottom!

Different: I put up a curio shelf today, then I put a scented candle on it. I believe this is 65% "domestic" behavior.

And as a special Friday bonus, I give you an additional "D" for no added charge!

Disturbing: Buying 5.1 speakers for my PC and then testing them by experiencing the Ravenholm chapter of Half-Life2 in surround.

needs a headlight fixed
Tags: gbd, gruntle, rant, unclean!

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