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This is why I do not trust DNS RBL spamfilters...

From paul_ferguson_2 we receive news that the folks at SpamCop are blocking some GMail servers. As I am an avid GMail user, I find the prospect of being blocked from "myself" should I want to forward from a GMail account over to my personal server's account a bit upsetting.

This is reason number twenty-one that I don't trust DNS-based RBLs (Realtime Blackhole Lists) like SpamCop or SORBS to filter my incoming mail for me or any of the users of my system.

In other news, thanks to the folks up in Kenosha for hosting me yesterday. Thanks especially to wolfbrotherjoe for packing me full of tasty BBQ food, but it was also awesome to hang out with donaldson, angrymeat, brianblackberry, sylverfox, mistletoe and arrjaysketch. After seeing Dead Leaves on Saturday night I'm not sure I'll be able to look at Sailor Moon in the same light now that I know the same group of animators made both of those products. It's pretty indescribable. It makes me feel dirty on the inside knowing that. But hey, after 8 seasons of the Sailors I would probably go crazy too...

Saturday night, after enjoying Transporter 2 and Dead Leaves I dropped over to the Casa De Cheefennec and spent some time harassing roho, enveri, duncandahusky, takaza and linnaeus. I ended up crashing there, doing some couch surfing in the basement. I have no complaints about the couch's pull-out bed, though for whatever reason my neck decided to manifest its intense hatred for All Things Pillow last night (maybe that's why I haven't been sleeping well these last few months. Or maybe not, I dunno). What I do know is that this morning we did Vegas for brunch and were joined by datahawk. I of course surrendered to my Vegas Skillet masters. After the meal we killed a few hours playing games on my Sony PSP and the multitude of Nintendo DS units that were brought -- it seems Linnaeus has also sold his soul to the DS, which brings the number of owners in my immediate circle to something like five if I include myself. I may have converted Takaza and Data over to the PSP thanks to the Lumines cult. Time shall tell on that, but I had to leave not long after we ate so I could head home and get over to Lisle Lanes for bowling league. Disappointingly enough, I thought my team had our first series sweep in a 10 week history, but I may have jumped the gun on that one -- there was a fellow on the opposing team who was a substitute bowler, so we don't know what his handicap was. That unknown handicap may ultimately prove our undoing for one or more games.

Final analysis: Had fun, ate too much, saw cool people, hung out. This weekend rocked -- and it had no snowstorms!

It's never gonna be the same without you
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