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New Year's Resolution....

My resolution for the new year is deceptively simple: I resolve to go out and buy a new pair of glasses. I've had this prescription for over six years and even if my eyes haven't changed any, these lenses are terribly scratched. It's gotten so bad I've caught myself squinting to compensate... and nothing good will come of that. Further incentive to buy a replacement prescription is that the finish on the frames has worn through in a few places. I suppose the frames could be reused -- these are Flexon and thus have plenty of service in them. Still, it might be a good idea to roll a whole new set. The nose pieces on my current pair have been bent enough times from blows to my face that they probably aren't going to be terribly forgiving the next time it happens.

In other news, doomsey let me mess around with his Sony PSP on Friday night. I rather liked the way the unit felt in my hands and the web browser is remarkably functional. On New Year's Eve I was at a party hosted by my former coworker JD -- and while I was there he introduced me to Lumines on his PSP. Lumines is like a cross between Doctor Mario and my personal favorite, Tetris. I knew I was lost to the siren call of this new gadget when, amidst total cacophony, it commanded my attention for over forty-five minutes straight. Today was spent shopping around online and, once I found a reasonable deal, I bought one for myself. With luck it'll be here in less than a week and I'll be able to start feeding my new addiction. But fear not, my Nintendo DS shall not go neglected!

I'll be watching you
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