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Not going back to Minnesota for the holidays.

As we used to say before the invasion of the Internet, "TSIA." Or, for the acronym-impaired, Title Says It All. But in this case, it doesn't really say it all... not by a long shot. These last days, there has been too much heartache and too much sadness within the circles I walk or once knew. To that end, I add the following for people who are at the foremost of my thoughts. I hope they will see it...

  • I worry for my loved ones. You are loved. You are worth loving. Please, please, please take care of yourself. Seek help. You know this is only hurting you more and any benefit you might see is only temporary. You know I'm here for you and I will do whatever you might ask of me.
  • I miss somebody far away. I'm here and waiting for you.
  • I feel sorrow for the senseless loss that somebody once close to me has endured. I wish I was still part of your life. I wish I still shared even a shred of that closeness so I could offer some solace and support. I'm sorry.

As somebody I care deeply for said, "Much love." That goes to all of you.

This is the panfah, going 10-7 for the year.

Have you ever felt all alone at the end of the day
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