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USB 2.0 and this damn motherboard

Dear Lazyweb,

I have an Abit KN8 motherboard. It claims to support USB 1.1 and 2.0 on-board via the 4 USB ports on the back panel and the three headers provided on the motherboard. The board is running bios revision 14 (NF-CK804-6A61Fa1DC-14) compiled 11/11/2005 and released 11/30, which purports to be the most current version. As near as I can tell I have installed all the latest "motherboard drivers" from nVidia and Abit. The BIOS setting for integrated device is set to "USB 1.1/2.0" which is the only option that invokes the 2.0 standard. As near as I can tell, everything should be working.

Of course it isn't working, because this is the year 2005 and we still insist on making things suck. Something on this system (Windows or the board itself) doesn't want to do USB 2.0. When I plug in a USB 2.0 device (such as my Canon i960 printer) I am chided by Windows that the USB device can perform faster if I connect it to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports.

The balloon says that for a list of ports I can click on it. So I do. A new window appears, which says "There are no HI-SPEED USB host controllers installed on this computer" and lists all the ports and hubs/devices attached to the system. The recommendation is "add a HI-SPEED USB host controller to this computer to obtain maximum performance." Funny, I thought it had one built in but what do I know?

Thinking there's just a simple driver issue that's preventing it from seeing the USB controller as 2.0-capable I went into Device Manager and pulled the list of all USB controllers. I was planning to try and shove a 2.0 USB driver down its throat, but as you can see, a "PCI Class USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller" is already listed as is a "USB 2.0 Root Hub Device."

So there we have it. An enhanced controller is seen and listed by Windows, yet no matter what port I plug the printer into I get bitched at that it is not a HI-SPEED 2.0 PORT and then, when I follow instructions, I'm told I have NO USB 2.0 ports.

Help. Make USB 2.0 go so I too can join this fantastical year of 2001.

[Edit 1828 Central 12/13]: It's fixed. Apparently the solution was "Via the Device Mananger, uninstall all USB devices, hubs and controllers exactly three hundred times, reboot and reinstall them again -- each time hoping you will just happen to install the drivers in the undocumented MAGIC ORDER that will allow the onboard 2.0 controller to coexist peacefully with the onboard 1.1 controller."

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