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I recall why I swore off building my own machines... (this is what I get for wanting new kit)

... and said I'd only buy a premanufactured one from a major retailer. I'll put it this way, folks: I spent all day yesterday (about 20 hours) building the system, only to find I had to spend another $610 ($399 + $179 + Uncle Sam's cut of the take) to make the system run. Granted, almost all of that will be refunded when the defective/inadequate parts are sent back under RMA, but that doesn't make my wallet feel any better.

What makes it feel worse is that after spending another 10 hours on it today, it still. Doesn't. Run. Reliably.

I have given a name to my pains, and it is Integrator's Lament. Right now I believe I have a terminal case of it.
Tags: computers, geek, gruntle, need_more_gin

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