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Mmmm... napalm in the morning...

I came in this morning, feeling really quite chipper for no apparent reason. First thing I hear when I walk in the door is that the Internet is down. *insert ominous chord here* Nobody can figure out why three T1s just magically went away -- it doesn't appear to be a hardware problem on our end, our SmartJack shows that the DSL spans are clean and seeing layer 1 connectivity... but there's no data coming across. Management was in a panic (that's what management does best, ya know) and general chaos was occuring. I did what I could, then just gave up and took lunch around noon. I came back and wow, all three lines are back up and running. I haven't found out yet what the resolution was, but hey, so long as it's working that's really all that I care.

I've fielded a few help desk tickets, been told to kick up an order from third quarter to this quarter, and it's Friday so I have a weekend off for myself. Life is puttering along nicely, I must say.

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