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Back in the saddle again

This morning is mostly sunny, a little breezy and warm without crossing that fine line into the realm of hot -- in terms of weather, it's as near to perfect as one can get. I wish we'd had more days like this over the summer and find myself hoping this condition will linger for another month or so.

Despite the pleasant weather outside (if I may indulge in a bit of personal angst here) this morning still finds my mood somewhere in the bedrock. There's a myriad of reasons I could choose from to pin the blame on, such as another lousy night's sleep because of restless dreams. Or maybe it's the dread I feel at having to start a fresh week at the office, which always finds new ways to crush my spirit a bit more and drive me a little further to the edge of psychosis (I haven't written about work lately but things are continuing to be patently ridiculous around this place). Maybe the biggest factor is knowing that shortly after I left the house this morning my parents would finish packing their car and drive back to the farm after an all-too-brief visit. Maybe it's just "all of the above," which feels most accurate at the moment. Emotions have a way of combining and fuelling one another until you achieve some sort of strange gestalt.

I am able to take solace in the fact that I had a really nice weekend with my folks.

A blaze so high it lights the night
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