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What do you call it....

When you find out your girlfriend quit her job (with possible negative repercussions for her, which makes you worry), your job is threatened, you work with cool equipment at your job, and you get home four hours late?

Why, you call it a normal day! Well, normal, except for the part about your girlfriend quitting her job. I'm a little bit upset about that, but it isn't my decision. It's her life and her choices, I need to respect that. I just hate to see anything bad happen to her, or have her walk away from this with even more problems hounding her. I hate that she has all the issues she has in her life as it is, with creditors, job searches, car troubles and the like. It makes me very, very upset that I don't have more of my current debt load paid off so that I might be able to offer her some financing to get these things addressed. Of course, she might not accept it, but I want to be able to help -- to do that, I must have the funds to be able to do so. *sigh* Anways, I can relate to where she's coming from when she says she just couldn't stand her current job any more. I had that when I was working at Best Buy. But even then I played as best I could by their rules and politics and was able to walk away with a few months of worthwhile experience on my resume. Hopefully she can do the same and walk away, unscathed, to a new job. I care about her too much to see her get hurt by bad decisions. :(

Work today was interesting. A member of middle management spoke with me for a few minutes, warning me of what amounts to a nefarious plot to destroy my reputation with the company, and essentially start railroading me towards a shitty yearly review and possibly being "asked" to leave the company. Pity that the manager in question didn't count on betrayal. I'm glad to see that, even though I was in part to blame, other folks recognize the key source of the trouble and will take a chance to warn me of the upcoming shitstorm. This will only add to my resolve to speak with our company IT director (step under our CIO) and inform him of my displeasure with the current state of affairs, my concerns about my manager's ability to focus, understand and direct myself and my coworkers, and various other nit picks. Maybe it will help, maybe it won't. I'd like to see my current manager ousted the way my old one was. Even if that's not reasonable, I'm going to give it a shot. I mean, if I don't try and communicate my issues, upper management will never know how peeved I am until my exit interview, right? Right. So, I'll have to try and remain civil, and make my case known. After that it's out of my hands....

It's late, I'm incredibly tired, and I need to sleep. Oh yes, do I need sleep.

Interestingly enough, I just found out I lead my group in number of tickets closed/completed... except for Laiza, who exceeds me by 700 tickets. I attribute this to the fact she was a Systems Engineer before, and that most of those were password change requests.

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