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Dreams and technology do not mix.

Those of you who have known me for a while are aware that I am prone to "bad" dreams or flat-out nightmares. Over the last two years it has become a regular occurance for me to startle awake at some ridiculously early hour in the morning, often by flailing or jerking upright. This usually leads to me slamming my skull into the bookshelf that is built into my headboard, which has already left one scar and will probably lead to more if I don't put in a more "traditional" headboard soon.

Sometimes these rude awakenings happen two or even three times over the course of a night. For the majority of these terrors, I have no idea what causes them or serves as fuel for them. Am I too stressed out? Am I worried about someone or something? Do I have too much caffeine in my diet? Is Ra sleeping on my face? I really don't know It could be any one of those things, a combination thereof, or something totally different.

The set of nightmares I woke up from today at 3:48 were particularly vivid and (for personal reasons) unsettling, but at least I have an explanation for them: there is little doubt that watching the high-definition, widescreen 2003 remake of the 1974 horror cult classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre did not help things even one iota.

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