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An observation on the spirit of heroism...

Something varro said in a comment to the entry previous to this one sparked a thought in my head. He said (as regards interdictor): He just was a competent person in the right place in the right time who showed grace under pressure. I replied, That is my definition of hero.

The things that have been posted to that journal over the last 72 hours have swung wildly from something approximating factual reporting to pure hubris, then over to highly controversial. Regardless of what you find yourself thinking about the content of the entries there, they continue to show one thing -- a group of very dedicated individuals doing a lot of work in the face of substantial obstacles. While he seems well on his way to becoming an Internet Celebrity for a number of reasons, Varro is completely right about the founder and main poster of interdictor: the man is nothing more than a fellow who is doing his job and doing it well. It hardly seems like anything remarkable, right? Despite the unusual circumstances he has found himself thrust into, isn't his job just to keep the servers up and running and handle the logistics of maintaining the data center? It's not like he's in the street personally fighting off vandals and thieves.

Still, I think the man is a hero. I think that whole region is filled with heros at the moment, people who are there to help by doing their jobs well, especially under pressure and these dreadful circumstances. Those people are this nation's unsung heros. From this fellow to the patrolmen, from the firemen to the rescue workers to the hundreds of IBEW linemen who are pouring into the region right now to restore electrical power, they're all heros if they can do their job safely and capably. We should be thankful for all the heros we have right now. Let's hope they stay safe so they can continue to save others.
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