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Grandfather update, part two...

An e-mail just came in from my father and it's gone a long way to relieving the anxiety I felt over my grandfather's condition. The total lack of information surrounding his sudden transferal was making me crazy, but that's also finally explained. From the e-mail:

Guess all the transferring, was excitement for Naught. St. Francis was apparently afraid of his irregular heart beat and low blood pressure. Both of which he's had forever,and lots of people do. Anyways, Mom said they were saying he needed to go to Abbott Northwestern 'cause he needed a pacemaker. The cardiologist at Abbott however said he didn't see any need for that. It's recovery time for the kidneys bladder etc. He will be talking to the Urologist today and see what needs to be done. So all in all, the transfer was for naught. But perhaps the best thing that could happen. Not as convenient for Mom, but perhaps far better medical advise and consultation.

Here we have all the proof one could want that the science of medicine is anything but a science with some of today's hospitals. "You haven't passed urine for five days? Well, you also have a slightly irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure. Screw your established medical history, records are for losers! Let's give you a pacemaker!" Ugh. As my dad wrote, Abbott Northwestern seems to be staffed by slightly more competent and less panic-ridden doctors. In the long run maybe this transfer (though it was unnecessary and done out of fear) was a good thing...

Just don't look back 'cause I won't be there
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