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Grandfather update...

I was going to write about my weekend... but that pretty much just went out the window. I got home about 15 minutes ago to find two messages on my voicemail from my father. Each one said simply, "Call home when you get in." Despite the late hour, I called. One, it's mighty unusual for my father to leave voicemail at the house -- much less two of them in the span of ten hours. Second, I figured that since Dad is something of a night owl, he'd not be upset if I called.

The news I got made me sit down rather hard. My grandfather is in the hospital. He went in to the ER yesterday at around 4 in the afternoon because he wasn't showing any signs of improvement. His glands (including his prostate) have swollen for some reason and he hasn't been passing urine (this is news to my folks, since he told them nothing of the sort while he's been there the past five days). At the hospital they put a catheter in and drained two liters of urine. Think about that: two liters, same amount as what's in one of those giant bottles you get at the grocery store... and he's been unable to pass it. According to my mother, he seemed better within half an hour of the drainage completing. Small wonder!

Of course, the good news comes at a cost. Grampa Schep was refusing to eat today, so my mother drove in to feed him lunch and dinner at the hospital. Not longer after she left, the hospital called my parents' farm, looking for her. Dad told them she was on her way in to see my grandfather. The nurse told my dad, "We're considering transferring him... so if she can call us before she gets here, please have her do so." Hospitals... don't generally give up their patients unless they think the patient would fare better at another facility. At 6:10 or so my mom called the house, but my dad was in the garden. When he got in he listened to the message on the machine, which was short and worrisome: We're going to Abbot Northwestern, she said. I'll call you later. That was about 4 hours ago and he still hasn't heard anything more from my mother.

Neither my father nor I am jumping to any conclusions at this point as we simply don't have enough data. For all we know he was transferred because the other hospital has a better urology department, which would make it a rather routine event. Since Mom doesn't have a cell phone, she might not have gotten a chance to call from the hospital and could be driving home right now, figuring she'll give everyone the full story when she gets home. So it's all conjecture at this point and there's no sense getting riled up.

But I am still very concerned.
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