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My beer-loving friends may get a kick out of this...

Now, ya'll know I love my MGD for the cheap, easily accessed booze that it is. You also know I'll never defend it or call it a "great" beer. That isn't to say that it's not worthy of respect, however! The fact that year after year, hundreds of thousands of cases after hundreds of thousands of cases are put out by the folks at Miller, and every single one of those beers tastes the exact same as all its brothers. That says to me that they've got their ingredients, their processes and their timing down pat. I think that's worthy of a little respect, you know?

Now, with that being said...

According to this article, a case was recently dismissed against a man who was accused of buying a case of beer for an underage neighbor. The judge dismissed it on grounds of insufficient evidence. The reason given? According to the order, the prosecutors failed to prove Miller Genuine Draft is indeed beer. The funny part is, I'm not particularly inclined to argue with the judge on this one. I do feel sorry for the DA, though. Wow. I mean, think about it. Here you are, arguing what should be an open-and-shut case. You've got the minor on the witness stand, openly admitting in sworn testimony that he drank five cans out of the case. After all that, how would you like to be told, "I'm sorry, Mister DA. You've failed to prove that this well-known brand of beer is actually beer, so there is no proof there was an actual crime committed here. Case dismissed." Ouch.

In other news, it's yet another overnight shift for me. Tonight we're cutting over the Columbus, OH campus. Things are going surprisingly well with this particular site. I'm not sure why that is, and I'm not going to question it. I'm going with the flow and being very careful to make no predictions that might jinx it, because having a hot-cut that goes smoothly would be a very nice thing right about now. I'd like to go to sleep before the sun comes up at least once this week.

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