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Oh, goody.

I believe I mentioned that I spent a number of hours yesterday outside, directly in the hot sun.

The hot, afternoon sun.

With no protection on my head. My bald head.

Can you guess the end result? Sure you can! My scalp has sunburned nicely. Damn you, male pattern baldness! I should file a complaint with my employer -- if we were allowed to wear hats in addition to this ridiculous business-casual dress code (which really shouldn't apply to the Engineering staff unless we have a vendor meeting), I wouldn't have gotten scorched. Looks like I'll be spending my day with a cool washcloth on my head. I already look ridiculous with a bright red dome, so putting a washcloth on it will at least afford me some relief from the throbbing of the burn.

Slipping through the shadows
Tags: dumbass, harm, ow

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