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Just shut up, will you?

Everyone posting "OMG Oh Emm Gee OMG no spoilers!!!!!111!!!1!1111eleventyone" for the new Harry Potter: shut up. Cock in the mouth. Just gargle on it and shut the everloving christ up. That goes double for you people who've gone to the length of using an image banner in your ravings so as to achieve that perfect level of obnoxiousness. It's cool that you're excited and I can sympathize to an extent, but I've never seen the collective IQ of LiveJournal drop so sharply in such a short period of time over something people might do but haven't yet.

If people put as much energy into our political systems as they are putting into preemptive wrath for spoilers of a children's novel, our world would be a hell of a lot better place.

Normally I love you folks, but right now a good portion of you are just being a complete bunch of spasmos.

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