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My Expedition wasn't big enough, so I got something bigger...

The problem I'm faced with now is that the darn thing doesn't fit in my garage... or my driveway. For now I will have to it out on the street and hope that the neighbors don't start to complain about it.

My new ride?  No.. my neighbor's!
Ain't she a beauty?

Okay, this isn't really my rig (although I freely admit that I wish it was). Sue, my neighbor across the street (you can see part of her house in the left side of the picture) has a sister who drives for Marten Transport, Ltd. Any time Sue's sibling is in town I can expect a big blue Freightliner Columbia to be parked out front of the house. I don't mind in the least -- I love looking at that truck because it's just so pretty and tricked out.

I need to get off my butt and go get my CDL.

In other news, I have had a pretty quiet and relaxing weekend. I met up with roho and enveri for lunch at BD's Mongolian BBQ yesterday, then allowed them to coerce me into driving back to their place. Once there, we sat around and talked about random things before heading downstairs to watch some television. Later in the afternoon we thought about heading out to see a movie (It was a tossup between Fantastic 4 or Batman Begins) but we opted against a late flick. As the evening progressed we felt a bit peckish so we drove across the state line to our favorite pub. We put away some booze, had a bite to eat and put some quarters into nostalgic arcade games (I suck at everything, but Roho holds high scores on Root Beer Tapper, Joust and Ghosts'n Goblins). Then it was back to the house for more gin and This Is Spinal Tap on DVD. I fell asleep hard about 48 minutes into the film, and since I didn't wake up when they prodded me (apparently Roho actually tugged on my foot and I still didn't wake up) I was allowed to just stay crashed out on their sectional.

This morning I paid for that oversight with my skeletal structure. My spine should not be formed around Non-Euclidean geometry.

A late brunch at Las Vegas restaurant was had, then we returned to the house. Roho and I teased the cats for a bit, Genet spent time (and screwed up her own back) grooming the dog. At around 1PM it was decided that furniture needed to be moved, so I was recruited to lend a hand shuffling a futon from the top floor guest bedroom down to the basement. Once we had that situated I also lent a hand bringing the bed from the garage upstairs to the space previously occupied by the futon. I think I finally called it a day around quarter after three or so, then drove home. Ra was pleased to see me, and I spent some time giving him reassurances and love. Just remember, folks: dogs and cats are wired differently about people leaving them alone for extended periods of time. Dogs are just relieved you came back, but cats get pissed off that you left in the first place.

Tomorrow I turn up the new full-speed DS1 circuit at our Tampa DVUC, hopefully freeing myself of that fiasco once and for good. Since we can't do disruptive work during the day, I have to do it early in the morning -- which means an early start at work for me: 0600 in this case, instead of my usual 0730. I'll have to get a good night of sleep and be very careful not to sleep through my alarm tomorrow.

Fuel is pumping engines
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