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Bowling is done!

Busy afternoon for me today, but thankfully I was able to get some extra sleep this morning to keep me going throughout all of it.

Tonight was a bowling night. This normally isn't a problem but at the last league night two weeks ago the alley's ball return took an immense chunk out of my brand new Nemesis and sent it to the shop. I hadn't gotten a call back so I had no idea if the ball was fixed (or not) or if the stupid thing even could be fixed (a stress fracture four inches long accompanied the missing chunk). So I went in under the assumption that my ball was shot and wouldn't be replaced by the office, and that I'd end up suffering with a house ball yet again. I was pleasantly surprised to find the ball had indeed been fixed! It's weird using my own ball again, especially since the pro shop decided to refinish my ball to a high-gloss in order to blend the epoxy job. This made it throw like a whole different ball... but I can't say as I can complain as the new finish made it handle a lot better on the lanes. It figures, somehow, that my $140 ball would have to take significant damage and be repaired and refinished before I started getting the level of control I was expecting out of it.

As tonight was the last night of league for the season things were done a little differently, which made it sort of fun. First up on the "off by one" list for the night: we chose the team we wanted to bowl against. We also had the pleasure of being able to choose our lane (we all have our favorites) from the pool designated for league use by the house. All games this evening were "Nine Pin No Tap," meaning that if you got 9 pins on your first ball it would be counted as a strike. You have to love that. For added excitement we tossed colored pins into the mix and set Heather as the "watcher." If you got a colored head pin and rolled a natural strike, you got two dollars for it. Needless to say the bankroll lasted through two and half games before it was exhausted (and yours truly was able to pay for a couple of drinks, thanks to some well-placed balls). We also awarded ten dollars to three top-scoring men and three top-scoring women. It should be no surprise that Garry got his hand on $10 with tonight's high game of 290.

After everyone finished up their games we retreated to the bar for the pizza banquet and awards. My team pulled in sixth place of eight, so we each got $30 back. Not shabby, really. I'm looking forward to the season starting up again in August.

Ra knows it's time for bed and he also knows I'm not in bed yet. Because of this, he has seen fit to perch himself upon my chest so he can stare at me. While giving me the "why aren't you asleep?" look he's also purring and kneading a bit at my chest with one paw every time I stroke his neck. Of course, the major downside to summertime is that the appeal of cuddling with a cat (which generates incredible amounts of heat, likes radiating the heat it picked up by napping in sunbeams, and comes equipped with a dense fur coat) is approximately nill. It's not too terribly hot yet. I hope this weather trend holds.

Move your dead bones, bones, bones

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