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Ra appears to be relapsing.

Things had been going as well as could be expected since his last vet visit (Wednesday of last week) and I was starting to feel very optimistic about the chances for his recovery to have finally gotten underway. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. At 12:30 this morning, after one hour of sleep, I awoke to the sound of Ra vomiting in my bedroom. There wasn't much I could do, so I tried to comfort him while he was heaving. Once the attack was over I carried him back to bed with me and did what I could to catch a few more hours of sleep. When I got up at 5 this morning I found what appeared to be all the food he'd eaten over the last 36 hours on my bedroom carpet, along with several deposits of mucus and foam -- he'd heaved himself dry. I cleaned it up, gave him his morning dosage of Amoxidrops and Metronidazole, then fed him 1/2 cup of his regular dry food. I figured maybe it was just a small setback... after all, that Metronidazole is foul stuff, and if I had it sprayed down my throat twice a day I'd probably get barfy myself at least once during the treatment myself.

When I got home from work this afternoon at 4:45 PM I found another large pile of partially-digested food on the floor in the den, along with more foamy spots of mucus. I also noticed that several swatches of fur were spread out on the carpet that had not been there this morning. While I was cleaning up the mess I noticed Ra repeatedly scratching at one spot on the right side of his head, just beneath his ear. This is behavior I've seen before when he developed a food allergy. I thought perhaps the meds were causing a reaction, but I couldn't be certain. As I finished treating one of the spots on the carpet Ra began to heave and I quickly moved him to the tile floor in the kitchen, where he spilled up yet more food and a lot of mucus. I cleaned it up and went back to work on the carpet. He vomited again, leaving nothing but bile-colored water on the floor. This happened several more times before six o'clock for a grand total of five individual vomit attacks since I got home. Since then he's been curled up on the back of my couch. I called the vet's office and spoke to one of the techs familiar with his case. She indicated that Ra might not be having an allergic reaction to the medication so much as he might simply be having a digestive reaction -- it's not entirely uncommon for antibiotics to upset the rhythm of the digestive tract. She advised to skip his dosage this evening and to try feeding him bland food. She also had me leave a message for Doctor Landoch and would mark it urgent so that he would call me back as soon as possible. At this point we're still planning to go to Schaumburg for bloodwork on Saturday... but I need to speak to the vet tomorrow to see what course of action can be taken for the remainder of the week. Of course if Ra should evidence further signs of backsliding tonight or tomorrow I'll be packing him up and making an emergency trip to the clinic.

Since Ra's sleeping right now (I know from repeated personal experience just how exhausting the act of vomiting can be, especially multiple times in a short period) I'm letting him be. With the lack of nutrition he's taken in today I'm worried about his liver being further aggravated by lack of food, and may try force-feeding him 15cc's or so of wet food tonight before bed. At this point I'm not sure if that's the right course of action (the stress of the feeding, no matter how well he's accepting it, may further aggravate things) and I'm finding myself at a loss. The vet tech didn't have any particularly helpful advice on this matter and said it was entirely my call. Since he only ate 1/2 of what I left out for him this morning (for a grand total of 1/4 cup), my immediate reaction is to try and get some food into his system. The fact that he's eating less and less each day and vomiting more and more is worrisome as it's exactly how this whole thing started two weeks ago.


As I was writing this he suddenly sat up on the back of the couch and started to heave. I moved him to the kitchen and he vomit a large puddle of mucus, then a much smaller one. This can't go on. I'm going to call the vet and take him up there for emergency care.


The call is made, and they're expecting me in 45 minutes. Leaving now. Wish Ra well, please.
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