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We call it Jeff

Well, con is over. My "weekend" started on Wednesday afternoon and didn't end until approximately 11:30PM Monday night.

Highlights include, but are not limited to:
  • Kicking much ass in Art Show with yotogi, moryssa, roho, hightensile, enveri and chebutykin. We really outdid ourselves this year as we managed to shatter last year's sales record of $10,000 by achieving over $13,700 this year. We had about the same number of artists as last year, but we displayed about 150 more pieces than we did in 2003. All told, things went really well. I would say "Next year should go even more smoothly," but I don't want to think about next year just yet. I'm still recovering from this year.
  • Seeing chebutykin again. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year!
  • Late-night runs to CompUSA to make speaker purchases -- had to combat music from the ballroom next door!
  • chebutykin proving she is wickedly talented at both data entry and fashion modeling. Long live the Cheb in the shiny bodice.
  • New sketches in my sketchbooks.
  • Unseasonably good weather and light traffic on the roads whenever I had to drive.
  • Getting moryssa laughing so hard she nearly choked.
  • ashryn not calling me "Captain America."
  • "Christmas Sack."
  • Story time with yotogi.
  • Seeing all the other "out of town" folks again. It's been too damn long.
  • Meeting fiskblack in person.
  • Watching the video of the CONvergence 2004 opening ceremony and knowing I had a hand in its creation.
  • Dinner and whoopie cushions from BD's.
  • Meeting lumin_esc and steppenpup in person.
  • Having onceagainplease come down to experience the con first-hand. He made quite an impression with his singing.
  • Having the Expedition. It came in quite handy moving people and equipment. There's something wholly satisfying in being able to haul most of my materials from the house to the hotel, and from the hotel back to the house in one shot.
  • Not having to go in to work on Monday morning.

    That's the long and the short of it for me. My plan for the remainder of the week is simple: I'm back to the grind at the office for today and most of tomorrow. After that I get another extended weekend (four days, again) because of the Thanksgiving holiday. As an added bonus both days are considered paid holidays by my employer, so I still have a few days left of vacation to use this year.

    Passion or coincidence
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