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I'm feeling rather uninspired at the moment. Today, work was work. I made some headway on some things, had setbacks on others. It was essentially par for the course.

I came home and made dinner. After watching Babylon 5, as is habit for this poor addicted person, I succumbed to the pressure exerted by various people in #WT and switched my TV over to the local UPN station. I'd seen some of the trailers for this new Star Trek series that was being released, but had no idea that tonight was the airing of the pilot episode. It was two hours long, which I guess is also par for the course for something as venerable as the Star Trek franchise. I wasn't terribly impressed by what I saw tonight. But, to be perfectly fair, most of the Trek series have had lousy pilots, and some actually got better as time went on. They've had, what, four different series to hone their skills on, now? So maybe they'll have taken their lumps, learned their lessons and applied them to this series. Time will tell, but I don't think I'll be watching. I'm still far more entranced by B5, even though it's just reruns.

The weather in my neck of the woods has shown that it is indeed quite fickle as of late. We started out having a nice fall, then went into a spate of chilliness that made me wonder if I'd be seeing snow. Then it rained, and stayed cold. Today, however, it got into the low 70's again, which is almost acceptable for this time of year. I'm hoping that Mother Nature sees fit to let this stretch out for a bit. I for one don't mind cool nights and brisk mornings, so long as by noon or so it's at least nice enough to go outside without anything heavier than a windbreaker.

On a different note, I received my personal confirmation that hell has frozen over. That's right, the geniuses up at General Motors have decided that the Camaro and the Firebird just aren't selling enough, so they've decided to close the Ste. Therese production facility and focus on selling SUVs, because that is where the money is. The staggering amount of stupidity that GM is exhibiting here can only be described as "monumental." I can't even begin to find words to describe what I think of any company that honestly believes the logic of "SUVs are all the rage now, so we're going to kill off American legends!" Right now I'm so pissed off I could bite the head off the devil himself and piss down his neck to indicate my displeasure with this announcement. So what if they're making a 35th Anniversary Camaro? I can't afford it. Happy Birthday, Camaro -- you're dead!

At least I still have my cursed Z28, for better or worse.

Other interesting things that have happened in the last week -- I got a box in the mail from the illustrious chebutykin, who is the web mistress/web minion of Cthulhu Coffee, the coffee of the ultimate chaos. Inside was a box of incredibly strong mints (Where can I get refills, Cheb?) with a neat box that says "Le Chat Noir," which I am lead to believe means "black cat" in French. The other object contained within the box was something that made me wonder if my girlfriend had been gossiping girl stuff with Cheb, because what should I unwrap but Sex For Dummies in a Miniature Edition. Fits right in my shirt's breast pocket for handy-dandy reference! I think that I'll leave it at that, lest I make somebody ill to their stomach.

On another note, it appears that Forum3000 has, at long last, met its maker. Frankly, I'm not surprised by this, since it would appear that there was a falling out amongst the crew. As cruel as it sounds I'm of the opinion that, with luck, they'll pull the plug and end this tragic reincarnation of the original (and once funny) Forum2000. That leaves Forum2010 as the lone heir to the Forum mantle. This pleases me, because at least F2010 is funny.

For my parting remark, I will say that if you live in a home or apartment with gas appliances (such as your stove) you had best learn where the pilot lights are right when you move in, so that you don't have to panic when, after two years, the pilot on your oven goes out.

Explosions are bad.

So you think you can tell heaven from hell

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