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...and a tool for every job.

I discovered over the weekend that one of the bowls that was included with my stoneware has a chip out of it. The damage in question is about an eighth of an inch deep and perhaps a quarter of an inch long. While this is not tremendous in size it is annoying to look at, especially since the rest of my dishes are in such excellent condition. There is also one rather sharp edge on the chip which, I'm sure, will lacerate me quite nicely some night when I'm washing bowls in the sink and letting my mind wander.

Part of me wants to get out my Dremel tool and use the sanding drum to smooth the edges and try to make the chip less noticeable. For some reason this strikes me as complete overkill, but still that voice in the back of my head says Do it! You know you want to! The Dremel has a thousand-and-one uses. You can give it use number one thousand and two: smoothing out chips in dishes! Maybe when that's done you can carve a pumpkin with it.

I am clearly my father's child.

You'd think it was easy

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