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And what did you do with YOUR weekend?

The short answer? Nothing of a terribly constructive nature -- but that was offset by the pleasure of entertaining visitors at Z'ha'dum. Friday morning was the arrival of ashryn (while I was at work), with roho and enveri showing up later in the evening to join the jaql and I for dinner at Cheddars. Saturday morning I slipped out at the usual time (also known as too damned early in the morning) to attend school, and while I was dismissed from class earlier than usual Roho and Genet were gone for a lunch-time engagement in Schaumburg by the time I got home. Ashryn and I spent time just chatting, listening to music and watching movies. Roho and Genet got back from their trip in the early afternoon and not long after their return was the surprise arrival of duncandahusky. We did introductions, talked, played some games on the XBox (mostly Halo) and the PS2 (Katamari Damacy) and then made a quick-and-easy dinner, which was followed up by tasty Oberweis ice cream cake for dessert. Dunc slipped out sometime around 11:00 to head home, lest he turn into a festive orange gourd that is highly sought after at this time of year.

Today was lazy, for the most part. We all slept in late, although Ra made sure that such sleep was frequently interrupted. Once awake and mobile there was more Halo played, although we opted to alternate it with Katamari Damacy for control of our fingers and higher brain functions. We had a late lunch at Applebees and before I knew it everyone decided it was time to hit the highways and go home. I had a good time and I hope that everyone else did as well. It was a nice change of pace for me from the past few weekends I've had, where there has been entirely too much stress and tension to be truly relaxing.

This weekend's big revelation for me was that I truly suck at Halo. I don't mean the kind of suck that makes people say, "With some practice he'll get better." I mean the kind of suck where small children walk by the front of my house, point and laugh. But that's alright, you know? Everyone has to serve their purpose. While it would seem that my purpose is to be an easy kill, at least I know what my station is in life.

I also owe a great big hug and "Thank you" to the crackjackal for the wonderful gift she bought for me: Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. I promise I'm going to play the hell out of that game.

Please don't kill the machine

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